The official kick-off will be on April 27 with an all-day program at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris that will include master classes, roundtable discussions and improvisational workshops. An evening concert will feature Hancock, Dee Dee Bridgewater, South Africa’s Hugh Masekela and Brazil’s Tania Maria, among others.

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A tsunami warning was issued after 8.9 magnitude earthquake was recorded in Aceh, with tremors felt in neighboring countries.

I’m praying for everyone’s safety. I’m praying for hope and courage in these unsettling times.

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-Proud Indonesian

Fuck all these people that say it hurts more when you lose someone you’ve never even had. No, it doesn’t hurt worse. Because once you’ve had them and lost them, you have to deal with the fact everything in your life will have to be spent without them and you won’t have their voice whisper in your ear ‘I love you’ and you’re stuck with the memories and there is nothing you can do to go back and relive those moments. The nights you spent together are gone, the feeling of the kisses on your lips fade away and the arms you’ve gotten used to don’t hold you anymore. So being upset over someone you’ve never had anything like that with is pointless. Because the only thing you’re stuck with is the scenarios of you two you’ve created in your head.